We understand that you have a choice of behavioral health care providers. Peak View is unique and is regarded as the premier behavioral health provider in our Colorado communities for a multitude of important reasons. Our Belief Statements are reflected in every step of our care and serve as a guide in our services:

  • We believe in providing the highest quality of behavioral healthcare to patients and their families,
  • We believe in having compassion for, empathy for, and perseverance with the patients and their families,
  • We believe in being good community citizens and serving the needs of the community,
  • We believe in the team approach to care.

We hire individuals whose values are in alignment with our belief statements because our staff at every level affect our patients experience. Peak View understands the complexities of different patients we serve and ensures through our assessment process that we are offering programs that are in their best interest. We are also very sensitive to the unique needs of our community and have the ability to flex our units to meet the community’s demand. We have strategically built our facility to ensure the safety, comfort, and therapeutic environment that our patients deserve. We understand that our patients family members need support as well. Peak View offers Family Educations Sessions weekly that are led by our qualified therapists to ensure our family members are exposed to community resources, psych education, an understanding of the hospitalization process and group support. We believe in having fun at Peak View. Our patients are exposed to 2 hours of recreational therapy and fitness per day.

Our dedicated team exposes our patients to a multitude of activities to include:

  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Relaxation Therapy to include Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, Deep Breathing, Nature and Relaxation focused Music.
  • Music Appreciation
  • Creative Arts
  • Leisure Education

We believe in an inter-disciplinary team approach to treatment. This includes our internal team of psychologists, psychiatrists, MDs, nurse practioners, therapists, nurses and mental health technicians. We also include our community partners in our treatment approach and realize that their inclusion in treatment planning is vital to the success of the individuals we serve.

We believe in the importance of measuring our outcomes and program effectiveness for the individuals we serve, family members, providers, referents, and insurers. That’s why we measure our performance with our Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation or CORE studies. We conduct these surveys over a one-year period from the day of admission, day of discharge, as well as 30-days post discharge for all willing participants. We measure our patient’s acuity level, level of risk, level of anxiety and level of depression. Our outcomes show that of our patients that participate, their symptoms decrease significantly from the time of admission to 30-days post discharge. Please contact our hospitals Director of Business Development if you would like to learn more.