Peak View now offers substance abuse treatment for teens. This is such a huge need in our community and I appreciate that their organization is always willing to help fill the gaps in care and provide client centered care no matter what their challenge may be. 

Therapist in Colorado Springs

It was a miracle and it all came together. You are the only process to do here in the Springs. You all listened to us, heard the problem and came up with solutions and it’s been going good ever since. It’s like you guys got her and helped her be the old Joslyn again. You guys are a miracle. You guys are a great place for kids and should get your name out there more. You are a wonderful place.

MS – Parent of Patient

Peak View is an important part of our mental health crisis protocol. When we have a student in crisis, we can rely on Peak View to help us.

S.M. – A High School Counselor

There should be a dozen more hospitals just like you in Colorado. Your staff and facility is wonderful. Individual and group therapy were both awesome.

MM - A former adult patient

Peak View’s Mobile Assessment Team is a huge asset to the Senior community. Our Seniors do not have to sit in the EDs anymore for behavioral health crisis, thank you!!

M.A. – A senior provider in Colorado Springs

I am humbled daily to have the opportunity to work with the patients that we serve at Peak View.  Our treatment team works together alongside of our patients to ensure that we are meeting their needs and guiding them towards a successful path.

A.T. – A current outpatient therapist

I had a good time there and they were wonderful to me. Every single person on the 300 unit during the week was amazing. *Staff Member* was cool. *Staff Member* was awesome, *Staff Member*, there were literally different people every time and day. *Staff Member* and *Staff Member* (my therapist) were amazing. I was able to get stuff in my system out that I’d blocked out for 35 of my 40 years. Your facility is absolutely amazing and I will definitely refer any family, friends, etc. that need help. I’m willing to come out and talk to groups about my experience in P.V. if P.V. ever wants that.

Former Patient

Peak View is made up of a group of folks that truly believe in putting our patients first in everything we do. This hospital is dedicated to raising the bar of excellence towards serving our patients, community, referents and payers. The ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to meet our patients needs and community demands has lead us towards becoming the leader in behavioral health care. I feel privileged to be part of such a compassionate team of dynamic individuals.

T.M. – A current marketing team member

Peak View is always so efficient at accepting my patients. This allows me to evaluate other patients and triage quicker, thank you.

P.H. – An ED evaluator in Denver

I want to say thank you to you and your staff, they were incredible.

Former Patient

I went into the field of psychology because I have a passion for helping people.  I get to do this every day by serving our patients at Peak View.

A.S. – A current Mental Health Tech

I brought my mother to the family education night they host on Sundays. I believe it helped her understand this whole process a lot.  That she sees more clearly my needs and how my process is. I think it was wonderful. The host did a wonderful job. I think it’s great that you’re giving families the opportunity to learn about this so they could help their loved ones who are patients at Peak View. I believe it makes a huge difference in the patients’ lives and helps their support systems better understand what’s going on in their current situation.

C.W. – A former adult patient

With the growing need for behavioral health care in our community, I always know I can rely on Peak View to accurately assess my patients and ensure their service needs are met.

C.R. Family Doctor in Pueblo

All of the therapists here seem to be very helpful and they seem to care.  They seem to understand what we’re going through and give positive advice.  They help bring my/our families together and know what’s best.  Our doctors seem to know us and give us the right meds and know what we’re feeling.  They can relate to us and give us a reasonable amount of time with them

- L.B. – A former adolescent patient

Excellent collaboration and services.  I was provided with a therapist, psych documented doctor, dietician, EMDR therapist.  My thyroid medicine is now adjusted.  I was given medicine directly.  My depression, PTSD, and anxiety feel more under control now.

G.T. – A former adult patient

 I want to thank you for all of your help while in IOP.  I really appreciate the way you handle things as well as the meetings that made a huge difference in my recovery.

 I’ve been attending AA meetings every weekday at a minimum.  I’m going to Walk the Talk and the meetings are always between 35 and 50 people, but I’m actually doing a lot better with a large group than I thought I would – I’m sure you remember my concern about that.

Something happened at one of the first meetings that I went to that I want to tell you about.  I was in a Q&A meeting where everyone has a chance to write down questions when they pass around a basket and that night there were five or six questions to discuss.  After the leader went through them and gave his input he opened it up to the group.

So one of the questions was, “How can I write about sanity and insanity?”  There were people addressing other questions and after a couple of people talked I felt a strong impression to share about that question.  I suppressed it thinking that I’m new… there are a lot of people here that have been here a long time, etc.

Well I felt that a couple more times after people shared and I finally couldn’t get passed it so I spoke up and told them about my last three week binge where I hit a curb and shredded my tires, then spent three days without any memory of them and ended up in ER after passing out in the street across from where I had parked my truck.

So I told them that for me, insanity was planning to get a buzz on that Saturday morning while my wife would be at work and then I would get back on track.  That was insanity to think that I could do that and – by the end of that day I had drank at least a fifth of vodka. 

Then I said sanity was agreeing to go into detox and work on getting sober and taking the advice to do the things that the therapists, counselors and psychiatrist told me I should do.

So to keep it short, after the meeting a guy came up to me and said that 3 or 4 weeks ago he was delivering concrete to a condo subdivision at Flintridge and Dublin (where we live) on the Friday morning that I passed out.  He said that a guy was passed out in the street  - he saw my truck still sitting on the rims – and knew that it was me.  He told me he was the one that called 911.  I shook his hand and thanked him for doing that and it was such an uplifting thing for me that just kind of happened out of nowhere.  To think that this guy was there at the same meeting and was the one that called 911 – and then I end up in a meeting with him while struggling with sharing my story was (I believe) a miracle.  It helped me put together a little more of that lost week and made me feel that God is really there for me.

I’m so thankful to be on the road to recovery now and for all of the people that have been a part of it at Peakview including you as well as the people at AA.  I’m feeling better than I have in at least 15 years and I have a sponsor now and working the steps.  I have hope for the future and everything seems so much brighter.  I’m back home with my wife and this will be the first holiday season in almost 20 years that I’ve gone through completely sober.  Our relationship is improving – we have a ways to go on the trust side, but I believe it will come in time.

I truly believe that my experiences will help others as I grow in learning to live without addiction and mind altering substances… It’s totally different than any other time I’ve been sober and you and the group at IOP are a big part in that.

A former Detox and CDIOP patient