Teaching Hospital

Peak View is excited to announce practicum/ internship opportunities for students who are working on their Master’s in Counseling,  or any other discipline that needs clinical training. 

As an intern you will be provided with both individual and group supervision along with didactic training opportunities. 

All students rotate throughout the inpatient facility and outpatient programs to get full exposure to the daily operations and clinical expectations. 

If you are interested in an internship experience at Peak View Behavioral Health, please call 719-444-8484. For Clinical positions please ask to speak to our Clinical Director. For Recreational Therapy, please ask for our director of Rec. Therapy. 

Recreation Therapy Student Internship Program

In the 14 week Recreation Therapy Internship Program, the student will assist the team with planning and implementing a well-designed, therapeutic recreation program for the patients of Peak View with ages ranging from 8 to 100 years old.  Group programming includes but is not limited to Leisure Education, Music Appreciation, Creative Arts, Animal Assisted Therapy and Relaxation Therapy.  Additionally, the student intern will also be involved with completing Therapeutic Recreation Assessments, Treatment Plans and Progress Notes.  Please contact our Director of Recreation Therapy for additional information at 719-444-8484. 

Application for Recreation Therapy Student Internship